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General Colin L. Powell (USA, Ret.)
April 5, 1937 - October 18, 2021

You may be visiting my website because an Order was entered requiring you to mediate a Civil Superior Court case pending in North Carolina, or perhaps you wish to voluntarily mediate a dispute without being required by the Court to do so. In either event, an opportunity awaits you. Specifically, an opportunity to resolve the dispute on terms that you accept; and to resolve it sooner, and at less expense, than by proceeding to trial.

How Do You Make The Most Of That Opportunity

Not every case will settle at mediation. However, the likelihood that mediation will end a dispute is enhanced if the participants thoughtfully select a mediator who brings a wealth of experience to the table. If your dispute arises from a tort action, I respectfully request that you click the “BIOGRAPHY” tab on this website to see if I might be the person who you want to have mediate your case. 

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